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1. Can the goods be transported to Moscow?

Yes! Of course transport to Moscow is possible! We can deliver to various cities in different countries!

2. If purchasing goods, how many days will it take to prepare the goods?

We usually arrange stocking according to your order situation, which usually takes 1-3 days! After receiving the order, we will deliver it to you as quickly as possible!

3. Do you have after-sales service for your goods?

Of course, there is after-sales service. If you have any questions, you can give us feedback!

4. Do your products have a shelf life?

All. Different products have different shelf life.

5. How to ship it from China to our country?

We can introduce you to the contact information of a reliable shipping department, and you can contact the foreign person in charge of the shipping department to learn about the situation.

6. Where does your company ship from?

The goods you purchase can be shipped by sea from Yiwu to Ningbo Port, from Yantian Port in Shenzhen, Guangdong, or from Tianjin Port;

Land transportation can be shipped from Urumqi via Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Russia can also be shipped from Suifenhe Port, and land transportation can be shipped from Erenhot via Mongolia.

For more purchase-related questions, please consult our customer service center

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